Hello and Welcome

I’d like to pay tribute to my father, John G. Hocking, who long ago inspired me with his enthusiastic often gleeful, demonstrations and explanations of Möbius strips, Klein bottles and other strange topological creatures.

A wee touch of biography. American by birth, I left for London to go to art school when I was 18. I met a dark, handsome Armenian-Cypriot and didn’t returned to the USA. I went to the Central School of Art, now so many years ago it seems odd to mention it. Recently I have begun to work with topologist Scott Carter, Professor emeritus University South Alabama. We have struck up a kind of collaboration where we discuss possibilities for joint art projects. I pick his brain for more thorough understanding of topological surfaces and he and I spin ideas via What’sApp.

Many of the originals are for sale and many are available in limited editions as prints. I have not yet organised a price list, forgive me. There is a form below for you to send an inquiry if you are interested in any of my work. Mention the title and I will comeback to you with the options available for the work. Or you can use the form if you wish to make a comment or just to get in touch.

Please feel free to contact me or to leave a message. I’d be delighted to have your feed back.